Navigating this Site

This site offers many points of access for those looking to incorporate museum pedagogies in their lesson, assignment or course design.

Museum Pedagogies offers synopses of the theories behind museum learning and describes specific activities grounded in the pedagogies of physicality, narrativity and materiality that professors can incorporate into class work or take-home assignments.

Lesson Plans provides model lesson plans for in-class and take-home assignments that incorporate museum pedagogy-based activities.  See how we have used similar strategies to teach courses in our different disciplines.

Putting it all Together outlines a modular sequence of museum pedagogy-based activities that you can use to convert your class into curators and your classroom into a gallery. We designed this sequence to be scaleable so that you could use it as the basis for a single class period or as the organizing principle for an entire course. Focused on the Statue of Liberty, we developed and led this lesson as a two-hour workshop at the Teaching and Learning Center on February 22, 2018.